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Funny (peculiar and/or haha) folks, in some mode of shared transit, recording whatever happens on the way.

November 17, 2016

Episode 13 - Drive it like it’s the other side of the planet, with Morgan and Ange.

In this episode, special guest Morgan joins Ange on a couch in New York, quite possibly in the beginning of the end times (aka first phase of the Trumpocalypse). Although we don't drive anywhere to time the length of the episode, it's probably fitting that whilst in New York City, the podcast takes two to three times as long as Ange is used to in Darwin. Whilst attempting to not dwell too much on the USian election, the conversation meanders from accidental crime to the planetarium, waffle carts to touch typing, and Ange is not ashamed to admit that she's more bewildered about cooking and eating fresh artichokes than the average person should or could be.


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