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Funny (peculiar and/or haha) folks, in some mode of shared transit, recording whatever happens on the way.

October 23, 2016

Episode 10 - Drive it like a classic crew reunion, with Heidi, Jackson, and Ange.

In this episode, we're in the car with Heidi driving, Jackson in the passenger seat, and Ange in the back. A big welcome back to Jackson, an indispensable part of the original GILWGP trio. On the way to Robbo, we take a brief trip down memory lane and shoutout to our special guests as well as some of the food we've travelled towards (or from) over various episodes. There's a teeny bit of foreshadowing about our guest for a future episode, and we essentially discover almost nothing new about Ange's complicated history with USians/military/men/Florida.


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