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Funny (peculiar and/or haha) folks, in some mode of shared transit, recording whatever happens on the way.

March 6, 2017

Episode 18 - Drive it like there’s legal nudity, with Andi, Heidi, Jackson, and Ange.

In this episode, it's been so long between drives that Ange forgets what number episode we're up to, and remembers why she doesn't usually do the driving whilst podcasting. Pushing the bounds of a Smart Car's passenger limit, Heidi, Jackson, myself, and special guest Andi are on the way from musical bingo to Andi's house (if you pay attention to the turns, you can possibly figure out how to find her). There's a bit of a catch up with Heidi and Jackson after their epic holiday, before we get to know Andi a little better and talk about professionalism, production, acting, and burlesque.


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