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Funny (peculiar and/or haha) folks, in some mode of shared transit, recording whatever happens on the way.

January 19, 2017

Episode 17 - Drive it like you’re meeting the in-laws, with Heidi, Jackson, and Ange.

In this episode, the classic crew are all back in Heidi's borrowed ute on the way home from dinner and dessert in Casuarina. Jackson and Heidi's relationship is finally made podcast official, then Ange prompts them to give each other advice about meeting the parents/non-Darwin family for the first time. We also talk a bit about aspects of Newcastle and Perth, after the discovery that Jackson hasn't been to Newcastle and Heidi hasn't been to Perth, yet Ange has been to both. Strangely enough, we didn't mention ice cream anywhere near as much as we should - too many distractions, clearly!


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