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Funny (peculiar and/or haha) folks, in some mode of shared transit, recording whatever happens on the way.

October 23, 2016

Episode 11a - Drive it like a nasty hombre, with Heidi, Jackson, Kev, and Ange.

In this episode, Heidi is driving Jackson, special guest Kev, and Ange to our product placement location. Unfortunately, due to a security-related kerfuffle, and Ange forgetting to put the phone into do-not-disturb mode, this recording gets cut short. The conversation doesn't really pick up where it got left off either, because there were a couple of minutes where Ange didn't realise the phone was ringing, which stops the recording! However, in the short space of these minutes, we manage to grill Kev about his alleged Trumpian sympathies without doing too much puppy-kicking (IMHO).


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